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Independant Forex Broker Reviews

As you already know at internet there are too many forex brokers and forex signals providers, most of them are scams and try to cheat thier clients. We will try to review as many forex brokers and forex signal providers as we can so when You decide to buy any of them You have right picture what You will buy and what You can expect from them.

One way to avoid the "fraud du jour" is not to be fooled by professionally designed web pitch pages.Read review of the forex services left by other traders carefully and share your opinion about companies you used with the Forex Scam Check traders community. Together we can separate the good guys from the bad ones!

If You like that we check for You some forex broker or forex signal service please just send us an email at support@forexscam-check.com and our team will check it for You free.

What Exactly Is Forex?

Forex refers to the foreign exchange market in which all the world's currencies are traded in a decentralized market. It is the largest and most liquid trading market in the world, with over $5 trillion dollars traded daily; 24 hrs a day, 5 days a week. The market can stay open 24 hrs a day due to the decentralized marketplace which includes cities from all over the world with different time zones. So, when one trading day ends, another is just beginning on the opposite side of the world.

To understand just how large this market actually is, think of the US stock market which grosses over $2 billion a day. It doesn’t even come close to the extent of the Forex market. The extent of this market is directly related to the need for exchanging currencies. For example, when international businesses do business with each other, such as the purchasing and trading of goods, the importers must exchange the currency being paid to their local currency. As well, anyone travelling to another country needs to exchange their currency for local currency too. You see, currencies are constantly being exchanged, even outside of online trading exchanges.

Although the forex market is essential to individuals and businesses, it is especially important to financial institutions, central banks, and governments. Forex enables countries to participate in international trade and allows for large investments between nations for their goods and services.